A Millennial Approach to Mindful Living in 2018

Mindfulness and wellness are concepts often introduced in the beginning of the new year alongside ambitious resolutions to improve oneself in mind, body, and soul. Although wellness has been an ideology recently popularized by green juice, healing crystal rituals, and assorted vitamins that I probably can’t pronounce—the concept of being well and mindful extends further than simply maintaining an ideal form of physical health. Mindfulness, described by Dictionary.com as the “the state or quality of being mindful or aware”, is not only a conscientious form of self-awareness, but an emphasis upon being present, balanced, and conscious of your mental and physical needs. Today I’m reflecting upon the best tips for mindful living that include important concepts of self-love, balance, self-actualization, and being an all-around better human in 2018. And in a truly millennial fashion, I’ve compiled a list of five tweets to inspire more mindful habits for the new year—and what better time to start than January?

photography by Stefan Trotman (@mrcheyl) featuring Hale (@easy.socks) for Mad Sounds Magazine Issue 26

Be Mindful of the Content You Consume

Conscious consumption not only entails the food you put into your body but the media and content you ingest as a consumer—and sometimes, the digital sphere can normalize somewhat harmful narratives of negativity and self-deprecation. Unfollow the accounts that fail to inspire you, limit your consumption of media that encourages passivity rather than growth, and surround yourself with content that brings you joy, stimulation, and inspiration.

Remember That Now is as Good a Time as Any

Speaking as someone who works in a creative field, there’s a lot of anxiety and apprehension in releasing new work, announcing new projects, and feeling “ready” for new and challenging endeavors. However, there may never come a time when you feel 100% ready for anything, and there may never be a particularly ideal time when you will be absolutely certain of your decision. As @kweenklarke suggests, all we have is the present and we may never truly feel “ready” for what’s to come...but you might as well do it anyway. Although unfamiliarity and transition can be scary, living in the present and taking risks is healthy and rewarding—and now is as good a time as any.

Accept the Love That You Deserve

Self-love and self-worth are ideas that are often difficult to maintain, but it’s important to recognize the impact that your relationships can have upon your happiness and well-being. Be mindful of the relationships you surround yourself with, and start asking yourself whether or not the people in your life are truly worth your time, energy, and love. In 2018, the greatest form of self-love is knowing and respecting your worth, and do not base your self-worth off of people who do not reciprocate your love.

The Energy You Put out is the Energy You Receive

In the age of social media, the idea of ‘oversharing’ comes in an abundance on our timelines and in our daily lives, and more often than not, this oversharing can be an invitation for negative energy. When you are sharing your thoughts, emotions, and soul with someone else, be conscious of the energy you put out, and focus on putting out the energy you hope to receive. Embrace the idea that thoughtfulness, optimism, and mindfulness are just as valuable as sharing every detail of your life, and I guarantee that you will find yourself receiving more positive energy in return.​

Do What You Can and Find Some Joy

As important as it is to seek happiness and fulfillment in our daily lives, there will be many days when we’re unable to feel absolute contentment in ourselves and our lives—and sometimes that’s okay. Do what you can, do your best, and find some joy in your day. Being well and mindful are not only characterized by happiness and fulfillment, but more importantly, a recognition that living your best life also means doing the best that you are able to. Let “finding some joy” be your resolution in 2018.