Tips for a Healthy Hustle

Hustle is a term defined by confidence, determination, and diligence in the pursuit of opportunities/goals in life, and often times, it can feel challenging to balance the stress of work with other necessities in our daily lives. For those of us who still struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle while hustling, I’ve compiled a few simple tips for doing and feeling your best while working towards your grind.

Balance Is Key

Adopting a balanced daily routine is essential in maintaining a healthy hustle, and it’s important to be mindful of your daily needs that may extend outside of the realms of your work life. Make time in your schedule to exercise, eat proper meals, and have social time that is essential for your mental health, and be sure to provide yourself with equal amounts of ‘play’ time after work.

Be Realistic About Your Abilities

It’s easy to spread yourself too thin by taking on ambitious or overwhelming assignments, but it’s important to be conscious of your abilities in order to avoid early burnout or stress. Be realistic about the work that you can take on—as much as we all want to get ahead, prioritizing your mental health is key for thriving in your hustle.

Practice Self Care

Self-care has recently emerged as a popular buzzword across most health and wellness articles, however, the act of self-care is equally as important to your daily hustle as checking your email or checking off your to-do list. Make time in your busy day for small acts of self-care, whether that includes cooking a healthy meal, taking a hot shower, or relaxing with a good book—allow yourself to indulge in activities that encourage you to unwind, enjoy yourself, and feed your mind, body, and soul.

Remember Inertia Is Not a Substitute for Rest

Although we all have our moments of staring at our phones, checking up on social media, or engaging in relatively passive activities, it’s important to remember that inertia is not a substitute for true rest. If you’re feeling fatigued, allow yourself that short cat nap that you’ve been craving, or reward your hard work by going to bed earlier than usual. Taking a passive break is not the same as feeling rested—and your body will definitely thank you later.

Your Worth Is Not Defined by Your Success

Although ‘hustle’ has strong implications towards career based success, it’s important to remember that your worth is not defined by what you do and do not achieve in your career. Maintaining a happy, healthy, work ethic is one of the most crucial factors in achieving your goals, and your sense of self should not solely be defined by your current level of success.

Work hard, be nice, and take it all day by day. You’re doing better than you think.

What are your favorite tips for maintaining your hustle? Share your thoughts in the comments below!