Digital Magazines for the Creative

As a longtime publisher on Issuu, I’ve developed a deep affection for digital publications and the act of reading magazines online. Issuu is a platform that has accumulated an incredible array of niche publishers--ranging from creative zines, photography journals, fashion publications, and even home + food magazines--and my all-time favorite magazines for getting inspired and looking for unique, creative, publications have all had their start on Issuu. Whether you’re looking for some new inspiration or simply want to read a good magazine on your phone, check out these five digital magazines that are bound to get your creative juices flowing.

Atlas Magazine

Atlas Magazine is a digital fashion publication edited and co-founded by one of my best friends Megan Breukelman (a fellow editor turned blogger like myself!) and releases quarterly issues with some of the most innovative fashion editorials across the globe. Megan’s creative vision as both designer and editor shines brightly within each issue, and Atlas’ unique and flare for the eye-catching and daring never cease to amaze me in every stunning edition. Check out Atlas’ digital issues for all the best fashion inspiration!

Read: The Fearless Issue

ONE Magazine

ONE Magazine is one of my favorite fashion publications that I originally discovered through Issuu, and I immediately fell in love with the minimalist design and beautiful editorials within each issue. Although ONE is a biannual publication, I’ve constantly looked forward to seeing their new issues on my Issuu home feed and sifting through the gorgeous photography and design. ONE is a magazine that will surely leave you with tons of new inspiration for design, art, and fashion alike. Take a look at their latest release that has just hit the screens this month!

Read: Issue No. 15

Local Wolves

Local Wolves is a publication founded by one of my good friends, Cathrine Khom, and delves into the most creative minds from the world of arts, entertainment and culture, Local Wolves makes effort to highlight the diverse talent in everyday people, often featuring new and noteworthy faces in creative industries. Local Wolves’ photography is fresh, creative, and pairs perfectly with their inspiring story about the talent of new age digital media. Check them out on Issuu!

Read: Issue 52 - Amy Lee

Flash Thrive

I’m alllll about the zine scene, and I’ve always been a huge fan of Flash Thrive: a publication made by creatives for creatives founded by Rosie Alejandrino and Charisse Celestial. One of my favorite issues is their latest release, The Drive Home, which explores the journey of adolescence and the places we leave behind. Flash Thrive is beautifully crafted and illustrated, I constantly admire the thoughtfulness and creativity it takes to make a zine come to life.

Read: The Drive Home


I’M NOT PERFECT is a digital zine/magazine style publication with loads of gorgeous film photography, writing, and art across its issues. I love its unconventional, minimalist approach to its editorial work, and its avant-garde style photography always leaves me wanting more. This zine is unique in every form, with around 60 pages of raw, unfiltered content that will never fail to inspire. If you want to feel something when you look at art--please, read this zine.

Read: Issue 15

What are your favorite digital magazines? Check out even more publications on Issuu and comment your favorites!