Bicoastal Besties on L.A. vs N.Y.

The debate between the City of Angels and the City That Never Sleeps has been a long enduring rivalry between New Yorkers and Los Angolans everywhere. As the land of Soul Cycle & aspiring actors goes head to head with the city of $1 pizza & Wall Streeters, I had the opportunity to chat with a New York native (and my best friend) Megan Breukelman about the best of both coasts—including the biggest stereotypes about New York and Los Angeles, the worst tourist attractions, our favorite coffee shops, and the highs and lows of living in our two cities.  Check out our Q&A where we discuss all the best of Los Angeles and New York, and leave me a comment letting us know which city is your cup of tea, (or in Los Angeles' case—green juice.) 

NEW YORK, NY - photo by Megan Breukelman (@meganbreukelman)

Introduce yourself:

Giselle (Los Angeles): My name is Giselle Melendres—I’m a full-time student, editor of digital magazine, Mad Sounds, lifestyle blogger for this very website, and creative living in sunny Los Angeles.

Megan (New York): My name is Megan Breukelman and I’m a creative professional living in New York City. I run Atlas Magazine, a digital fashion magazine, and a little blog called Taste & Taste.

Why did you move to your city?

Giselle: I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in English Journalism at Loyola Marymount University and I’m hoping to work here after I graduate.

Megan: I moved to New York for college and career opportunities.

Your city is home to...

Giselle: Actors, influencers, and ‘entrepreneurs’ who probably live in


Megan: Baked goods and pizza rats.

photo by Giselle Melendres (@gisellelisabeth)

Best reason to live in your city?

Giselle: The creativity!

Megan: The vast landscape of opportunity.

Favorite neighborhood?

Giselle: Brentwood

Megan: Flatiron District!

What would be your ideal morning in your city?

Giselle: Wake up, have brunch in Culver City, take a walk on the beach, and work on some editing + writing at a local coffee shop!

Megan: Wake up, put on comfy shoes, get a pastry, walk around aimlessly listening to music and look at dogs.

NEW YORK, NY - photo by Megan Breukelman (@meganbreukelman)

Describe your city in one word:

Giselle: Sunny

Megan: Sparkly

Best place to grab coffee?

Giselle: Alfred’s Coffee—iced vanilla lattes with oat milk are my favorite.

Megan: Stonefruit!

What about dessert?

Giselle: Salt & Straw, by far my favorite ice cream place in LA.

Megan: Butter & Scotch is a delicious bar + bakery in Brooklyn.

LOS ANGELES, CA - photo by Giselle Melendres (@gisellelisabeth)

What’s the biggest stereotype about your city that is actually (kind of) true?

Giselle: Traffic is as awful as they say it is, and people do love their SoulCycle and green juices.

Megan: People are rude––New York is full of some of the nicest people, but the rude ones are REALLY rude.

What’s one phrase that someone from your city might say?

Giselle: “Does this have gluten in it?”

Megan: “…Nevermind, it was just three raccoons in a trench coat.”

Could you ever live in the other’s city?

Giselle: I probably could, but commuting on public transportation and enduring such cold winters would definitely be a shock. I love New York’s hustle, though, and would love to live there at some point in my life.

Megan: Honestly I don’t think so. I’m a really anxious driver, I don’t dig hot weather and I really, really love gluten.

BROOKLYN, NY - photo by Megan Breukelman (@meganbreukelman)

Describe your city in an @overheard tweet of your choice:

Giselle: "LA is like real-life Instagram. You're constantly seeing  people living better lives than you."  

-Overheard LA

Megan: “I was shoe shopping…” “I thought you were broke?”  “I had an Amex gift card from completing a phone survey about sleep medication I don’t take.”

-Overheard NY

Favorite movie or TV show based in your city?

Giselle: La La Land, of course!

Megan: 13 Going on 30  because it’s my favorite movie ever

What is the most painfully touristy recommendation in your city?

Giselle: Let’s just say that a little part of me dies every time my friends ask to see Third Street Promenade.

Megan: “Go to the top of Rockefeller. That way you have a view of the city AND the empire state building.”

LOS ANGELES, CA - photo by Giselle Melendres (@gisellelisabeth)

Worst part about living in your city?

Giselle: Traffic or gross DMs from promoters.

Megan: No matter how much you make, you’re still broke.

What spots would you recommend to a newcomer?

Giselle: I’m a huge fan of West LA since I live in this area, so I'd recommend exploring Culver City, Brentwood, Venice, or Marina del Rey. There are tons of great coffee, brunch, and shopping spots around the neighborhood—not to mention the gorgeous beaches. You’ll never be bored here.

Megan: Honestly every single neighborhood is different, so wherever you are, go out and walk around. explore, because there are endless restaurants, bars, bakeries, shops.

If your city were a song, what would it be?

Giselle: Dræm Girl - No Vacation

Megan: Drew Barrymore - SZA

What’s one thing everyone should know before moving here?

Giselle: Everything that glitters is not gold, and this is especially true in L.A.  Don’t let that fact intimidate you. Everyone came here with a dream, and it’s up to you to chase it. Don’t give up until you get exactly what you’re looking for, and never stop dreaming.

Megan: This city is filled with a thousand people just like you –– but there’s only one you and nobody can change that. Work with what you’ve got and work for what you want.

NEW YORK, NY - photo by Megan Breukelman (@meganbreukelman)

"This city is filled with a thousand people just like you –– but there’s only one you and nobody can change that. Work with what you’ve got and work for what you want."


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