Talking Less + Being More

photo by @orionvanessa

The term hustle and grind have become popular buzzwords associated with hard work and a dedication to one’s ‘success’. However, there are many internal and cultural challenges attributed to this hustle, ranging from behaviors such as shameless humble-bragging, comparison, and the idea of competition between others. In an age of oversaturated media, I wanted to dedicate a post to advice for healthful, mindful hustling, with four tips for talking less and being more:

Hustle in Silence, Let Success Be Your Noise

This first tip is one of those sayings that you’ve probably seen pinned on every inspirational quote board on Pinterest, but there’s actually a lot of truth to this expression. As much as we would love to put every achievement and accomplishment on blast for all of our peers to see, in most cases, it’s actually not that important for other to validate or find worth in our successes, and it’s also not that important for us to care what others think of our hustles. Whether you’re riding a wave of highs or experiencing some all time lows, at the end of the day your success, hard work, and achievements will speak louder than your words ever can. Say less, do more, and put in the work for you and yourself alone.

Sit Down...Be Humble

If Kendrick said it, it’s probably worth thinking about--and trust me, this one is important. The idea of being perceived as successful or upholding a conventional idea of success is incredibly gratifying. But ultimately, success means nothing if you’re going to be an asshole about it. Every path to success has its failures, weaknesses, and road bumps along the way, but we’re all on the same journey to get there. Be kind to the people who paved the way for your success and achievements, and remember those who have stuck by you during your times of need. Hustle goes a long way, but having humility and working hard will keep you grounded and fulfilled.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Comparison is truly the thief of joy, and we often see the negative impact of comparison on our self esteem especially with our current use of social media. It’s incredibly easy to compare your life to another person’s highlight reel on social media, or to internalize another’s success as competition. But I’ve found that the happiest and most successful people I know have a distinct ability to focus on their own work and feel secure in their own achievements, without the need to internalize another person’s successes as an indication of your own self-worth.

Work Hard + Be Nice

As one of my best friends, Megan Breukelman, always says: “Work hard and be nice. Working hard will get you there, but being nice will keep you there.” And I think this quote says it all.

What are your thoughts on talking less and being more? Leave a comment down below!