Digital Tools That Every Independent Publisher Needs to Know

From social media scheduling to digital publishing, working as an independent publisher can be an incredibly daunting responsibility to manage alone. Luckily, the recent integration of digital tools for online publishing has greatly helped publishers (like myself) run their magazines smoothly—even when we have to work solo. Today I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite tools for digital, independent publishing, including the best publishing platform, social media automator, and more:

Mad Sounds Issue 25 - The Girl Power Issue featuring Devon Carlson

Photography by Riley Taylor


If you’re a fan of digital publishing, you probably know about amazing platform for both reading and publishing online magazines. I’ve been using Issuu to publish my magazine, Mad Sounds, for about four years now, and especially love the ease of being able to publish, share, and promote my magazine to readers around the globe. Issuu gives publishers the ability to distribute and monetize their content through digital sales, upload stories using content directly from their publications, embed their magazines onto websites, and view reader analytics and statistics all in one handy place. If you’re looking for a reliable platform to both publish and promote your digital magazine, Issuu is a great place to start.


For many publishers who accept submissions, it can be extremely tiring to organize and respond to submissions in a cluttered inbox—especially for those of us who receive large quantities of emails and submissions every day. Kavyar is a tool I’ve recently started using which helps publishers accept, reject, and organize submissions at the touch of a button. While using Kavyar, your magazine can post CTAs regarding new submission opportunities, list exact requirements for submissions (image sizes, themes, number of images, and more), and allow for a quick and easy download for all accepted submissions. For those looking to declutter their inbox, Kavyar is a great solution for sorting submissions in a simple and organized space.

Tailwind App

Social media is an essential part of maintaining a digital publication, and Tailwind is one of the best ways to automate or schedule content if you don’t have a social media manager for your magazine. Tailwind allows you to schedule Instagram posts and Pinterest pins, and can even suggest the best hashtags for you to get the most engagement out of your Instagram posts. I’m a big fan of doing most of my social media work from my computer, so I loved how easy it was to automate posts, curate content for your Instagram grid, and prepare your captions using the Tailwind website on my computer.


For publishers looking to offer print copies of their magazine in addition to digital, Peecho is a website specifically created to simplify the process of printing and distributing your magazine, through a ‘print on demand’ form of production. Rather than having to invest time and money into printing and distributing your magazine yourself, Peecho allows independent publishers to create print links of their magazines for their readers to purchase, and it takes care of every process of printing, shipping, and maximizing profit as well. Publishers can customize their magazines to various print sizes, paper quality, and more, and can even add print on demand to their already existing websites and apps. Peecho is my favorite print on demand site that I’ve used thus far for their amazing print quality and customer service, and I love having the option to order print copies without the cost of having to print the magazine myself.

What are your preferred tools for digital publishing? Leave a comment to let me know your favorites!