Social Media Tools for Building Your Personal Brand

Behind most great social media accounts, there’s a handful of applications and tools that make social media marketing just a little bit easier. Whether you’re building a brand or hoping to facilitate social media for your personal schedule, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite social media tools to more efficiently and effectively build a personal brand.


I was first introduced to this app by social media queen, Megan Breukelman, who explained the benefits of using an automator for Instagram growth. Let me distinguish that an automator is not the same as bot, (and it should be noted that botting is not cool and is highly frowned upon by Instagram!) Combin is an Instagram tool that can be used to attract a target audience, simply by searching hashtags, usernames, or followers of accounts that are within your desired demographic. From there, the automator can engage with selected accounts in your target audience and allow up to 250 engagement actions on the free plan. This app is a great way to generate an authentic audience and increase your engagement over time.


Visual planning is an essential part of social media marketing, especially when it comes to Instagram. Luckily, apps like UNUM are the perfect solution to plan and organize your Instagram profile. The app allows you to tap and drag any images in your desired order on a grid of your already published photos (yes, you can see how your feed looks before you post). It also allows you to set reminders for your desired posting times, copy and paste captions, and it even analyzes the best times to post during the week based on your followers’ engagement. This is the perfect tool for curating your feed and developing a brand aesthetic. Download UNUM here.


Hootsuite is an app to help you save time managing your social content, acting as a central hub in scheduling Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook posts. I use Hootsuite to schedule all social media posts for Mad Sounds, which allows me to easily queue up content in my free time and post automatically throughout the week. Hootsuite is a great way to schedule across all social media platforms without hassle.

If you’ve ever scheduled or shortened a link before, you’ve likely used However, is not only great for shortening URLs but additionally tracking and optimizing the links that you post. allows you to measure the analytics and performance for your link across various social media channels, simply by using the website. You can also use the website to create customized links for your brand.


There are so many great apps for Instagram, but very few that are specifically for Instagram stories. Enter: Unfold, the app that almost every blogger and influencer uses to customize their Instagram stories. You might recognize Unfold for their retro “film” frames, but this app is a great way to customize your Instagram stories outside of the standard fonts and visuals that exist within the Instagram app itself. With a variety of templates, fonts, and colors, Unfold allows you to add both photo and video and save assets perfectly fitted for your Instagram stories. Download Unfold here.

What social media tools help you build your brand? Leave a comment below

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