5 PR Tips for Working with Talent

Building a brand means working with a wide array of talents — the publicists, influencers and more who bring your work to life. But one of the most challenging aspects of influencer marketing is knowing how to effectively communicate with talents. Today, I’ve put together a list of 5 tips for proper e-mail etiquette to influencers, talent, and managers, and how to make sure you stand out in their inbox.

Photography by Riley Taylor @rileytaylor featuring Jenn Im @imjennim for Mad Sounds Issue 22

Introduce Yourself Thoughtfully

Present yourself professionally by introducing yourself and providing the client with important background information about your brand and its mission. Share any relevant links, past features, or press releases about your brand, and be sure to tell them why you believe they would be a good fit for your project. A good introduction is important in making a positive impression upon them and can greatly impact their enthusiasm towards a project.

Be Detailed About Your Vision

Be descriptive about what your project may entail and provide as many details about your proposal as possible, including a general timeline for when the project would take place, how the interview or feature would be conducted and any potential dates and locations that you currently have in mind. If applicable, provide an overview of the team who may also work on this project and the general expectations that they can anticipate when working with your magazine.

Include Your Press Kit

As important as it is to create a warm introduction, your client will likely be interested in the numbers and statistics behind your publication as well. Attach a press kit for their consideration that includes key information about your monthly impressions, reads, visitor analytics, social media following and audience demographics. Not only do these numbers help serve as a numerical representation of your brand’s identity, but it helps to quantify a value behind a publication’s brand and relevancy.

Be Patient but Proactive

It’s not uncommon for managers, publicists and influencers to receive an abundance of emails on a daily basis, so be patient in awaiting a response. After a week, kindly follow up on your email and check in on its status. More likely than not, they may have missed your email or were planning to get back to your original message, so be patient and polite, and remember that communication takes time!

Remember That Rejection Isn’t Personal

If you face rejection in your outreach, remember that a polite decline should not be taken personally. Any form of outreach and introduction can still be helpful in better establishing a publication’s name and creating widespread acknowledgment of a brand’s presence. When all else fails, try and try again, and you’re bound to find the right client for your project.

What are your PR tips for working with talent? Leave a comment and let me know your tips!