welcome back, giselle

Hi, blog. Things have been pretty busy over the past few months, and I figured the only reasonably polite thing to do would be to catch you up on everything you’ve missed.

Let’s start with the highlights:

  • I started my very first “big girl” job in social + creative

  • I moved from the west side to Hollywood, into my first semi-permanent place

  • I bought my first espresso machine (big adult moves are being made)

  • I love my new neighborhood and now live in relatively close proximity to two different Trader Joe’s locations!

And of course, let’s not forget the lowlights:

  • Parking tickets are an occurrence I encounter frequently and often

  • Having a work phone is not all it’s cracked up to be

  • Working in the creative industry sometimes means being pretty tired + creatively drained

  • Trader Joe’s parking lots are always tiny and miserable, regardless of where you go

  • My homemade espresso still doesn’t taste as good as the coffee shops where I spend all my money

With that being said, I’ve been craving my own creative outlet to talk candidly and honestly about the ups and downs of life, work, and everything in between. Truthfully, with all the new changes that have come over the past few months I’ve felt particularly lost in myself, and coming back to my blog felt like a return home: a much needed reset and reminder of the person I am, the person I used to be, and the person I hope to become. Life can be deeply imperfect at times, but I’m in the ongoing process of learning how to reconcile with that fact.

Let’s talk more soon. I’m really happy to be back.