something about new beginnings

Hi blog, it's me again. Contrary to how it might appear, I didn't intend for my recent blog posts to read like a vague and sporadically posted log of my many life updates. But here we are with more news that I should probably update you on this month—and I'm certain it might feel a bit more unexpected than the previous ones.

This month has been a big one so far. In just a few days I'll be turning 22. I received an offer to join the (amazing) team at GOOD AMERICAN, where I will be starting as their Social Media Coordinator this coming week. I left my previous job after five months of working there. I felt a little bit heartbroken and a little bit relieved by that fact. I cut my hair once again. I perfected my morning coffee routine. I rediscovered the wonderful and dangerous service that is Amazon Prime x Whole Foods groceries. I'm now sitting at a coffee shop writing this ramble-ridden list of all the good and bad and exciting things—and for the first time in a really long time, I am experiencing a much needed exhale.

To speak as candidly as I can about the past five months without revealing any confidential information regarding my previous role: I found myself at a point where I was hopelessly depressed. Uninspired. Unhappy. Feeling empty, undervalued and deeply unlike myself. I wish this sentiment had some sort of happy resolution—that I could certainly and confidently say that things are "all better" and that I "overcame" these turbulent past few months. But truthfully, I am in an ongoing process of relearning how to belong deeply to myself, and I am sure that I will be for a long time. I am learning how to feel comfortable and confident in my work as a creative professional, in who I am as an adult, in listening to my intuition and recognizing and valuing my own worth.

October has felt like a very bittersweet ending, but a hopeful new beginning. For now, all I can say is that I'm still looking forward to what's to come. and I'm ready for whatever it might look like. That is all.

Talk soon,