hold me to this: 2020 notes to self

Truthfully, I really hate New Year's Resolutions. Like most people, I'm a skeptic in the belief that the new year means that anything will change: meaning that I recognize that people simply do not make vast lifestyle changes overnight. But as I've learned, the idea of change is a near constant process of self-growth, reflection, and more importantly: holding yourself accountable to learn healthy habits and unlearn toxic ones. To hold myself accountable, I decided to round up my personal list of things I hope to improve upon and/or accomplish in 2020:

photo: @mejuri


  • Use social media and screen time more intentionally and be on my phone less (when I can)

  • Read for pleasure!!!!

  • Use my journal more - more frequent self check-ins

  • Vent more about my joy, not just my problems

  • Learn how to enjoy the present, not just the prospect of the future

  • Eat at least one nutritious meal per day

  • Feel less guilty about having unproductive days

  • Rely less on stimulants throughout the day (nicotine, caffeine, etc.)

  • Say "no" more often, and feel less guilty about it

  • Do not overextend yourself in relationships for those who wouldn't do the same

  • Take more risks

  • Be more unapologetically honest with others and myself

  • Step into my stature instead of wondering if I'm qualified to be there - (down with imposter syndrome!)


  • Start and contribute to my 401k

  • Increase salary by +$10k by the end of the year

  • Maintain a creative hobby/outlet outside of work

  • Expand + improve upon professional writing + copy skills

  • Be more vocal in workplace


  • Continue to build a 90% sustainable wardrobe

  • Finish curating a home that feels personal + fill space with more art

  • Convert entire pantry + kitchen to 100% sustainable storage methods

  • Reduce use of plastic and disposables

  • Get a bar cart?!

  • New. Everyday. Rings.

  • Find a new workout that I like and be more consistent

  • Explore the East Side more

  • Get back into photography

That's all for now - will update throughout the year. Happy 2020!