Photographers You Need to Know: A Winter Roundup

As a photography enthusiast and magazine editor, I’m constantly on the hunt for inspiring photography accounts and visual artists. Today I’ve put together a list of photographers whose creative talent should not go unnoticed--here’s a few of my current favorites:

Riley Taylor

photography by @rileytaylor

Riley Taylor is a friend and photographer who has shot multiple covers for my magazine, Mad Sounds. Riley’s film and digital photos are always unique, with a unique eye for lighting, angles, and retro vibes that make his work feel deeply personal. Some of my favorite shoots of all time have been our cover shoots with Devon Carlson and Suede Brooks, and Riley has a knack for both editing and capturing people in both raw and visually pleasing ways.

Check out @rileytaylor here.

Kayla Mendez

photography by @kaylamendez

Kayla Mendez is a Florida based photographer specializing in editorial, portrait, and travel photography, whose elegant minimalist style has undoubtedly attracted me to her work for a few different reasons: muted/nude color palettes, beautiful lighting, and simplistic portraits. Kayla’s Instagram is constantly updated with breathtaking shots like the image above -- essentially, I just want to feel the way that Kayla’s photography looks.

Check out @kaylammendez here.

Stefan Trotman

photography by @mrcheyl

Stefan Trotman has such a wide breadth of work centered around portraiture in New York City, and his style of photography always contains such an effortlessly beautiful quality. His work feels candid yet personal, as though his portraits let you into his mind close enough to get a taste, but far enough to leave you wanting more.

Check out @mrcheyl here.

Ashley Seryn

photography by @ashleyseryn

Ashley Seryn is one of my good friends who I met through Mad Sounds and have been a huge fan of her work ever since our first project together. Ashley’s style is refined yet compelling, with photography that provokes astounding emotion--even in her test shoots or editorial works. Something about her work is incredibly nostalgic to me, and I’m constantly inspired by her unique ability to capture people so naturally in their element.

Check out @ashleyseryn here.

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