Making the Most of Your WFH Life

For those of us who work remotely, freelance, or find ourselves using our home as our primary workspace, working from home can be a challenging dynamic. Often times we feel unfocused, restless, or stir-crazy from isolation, however, there are many ways to take advantage of working from home. Here are my tips for making the most of your WFH life:

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Create ‘Online’ Hours While Working From Home

If you work freelance or create content on a self-designated schedule, it’s easy to work far past normal working hours or neglect your basic needs, such as eating lunch at a proper time, getting outside for fresh air, or signing off at the end of the day. Establish parameters around your working hours, designating specific time frames for being online, eating, taking breaks, and finally, ending your work day.

Stick to a Morning Routine

Working from home allows for many exceptions in typical office attire and etiquette, but simple morning routines such as getting dressed and making your bed are great ways to kickstart your day working from home. The routine of getting dressed, or starting your morning by “getting ready” for the day often encourages you to treat your WFH life more like a day at the office—preparing you for your work day in the same manner you would if you were leaving your home.

Separate Your Work Life from Your Home Life

You may be working from home, but this does not mean you should necessarily make yourself at home. Although it may be tempting to work from the comfort of your bed or take care of a household need during your working hours, it’s also important to distinguish a work day vs. home day as entirely different entities. The hours you are working should be designated for work: not lounging, socializing, or taking on a new chore in place of work—this distinction will significantly change the way you work and likely, the productivity you experience within your typical work day.

Use Communication Tools to Stay in the Know

Slack, Zoom, and Google Hangout are great tools to communicate with a team remotely, even while being out of the office. Rather than sending repeated emails, bring your office life to your screen by taking advantage of Slack channels, Zoom conference calls, or other G Suite resources for connecting with your colleagues.

Take Advantage of Flexibility

One of the best parts of working from home is the flexibility of a self-created schedule. As important as it is to work diligently, it’s also important to provide yourself the rest, breaks, or time away from work that you need. Take a walk outside, head to a local coffee shop for a change in scenery, or find a temporary working space as needed in order to accommodate your working needs.

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